Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Easter Arrow 400K Audax 2014

Easter Arrow

Control distances are:

Leg                                                 Leg Dist.      Accrued distance
Studley to Alcester                          6.7km
Alcester to Rugby                           50.7km         (57.4)
Rugby to Great Easton                   46.6km         (104km)
Great Easton to St Ives                  60km            (164km)
St Ives to Kirton                              83.3km         (247.3km)
Kirton to Market Rasen                  68.8km          (316.1km) 
Market Rasen to Pocklington         84.1km         (400.2km) 
Pocklington to York (YO24 1AU)    22.5km         (422.7km)

AUK link to the event here

Planned route is here 

Start from Tim's house on Good Friday before 7:00am
24hrs later  arrive in York at the Punchbowl Wetherspoons pub
Train back to Redditch via Birmingham
Cost approx £22


Official Google route to satisfy AUK rules is here

NB This ride the Easter Arrow may be substitituted for the FLECHE VELOCIO in FRANCE WHEN CLAIMING FROM A.C.P your FREE Brevet 5000 medal

1. TEAMS of 3 to 5 riders [Tandems counting as one unit].

2. DISTANCES/ TIMES  - MINIMUM of 360 kms in 24 hours, though you are strongly advised to plan a higher mileage. At the finish, distances of 15% above or 20% below the one stated before you set off, cannot be validated .

3.ROUTES must be the shortest distance between control points, calculated in Kms, from OS AUTOROUTE or similar maps. The itinerary cannot use the same stretch or road twice. In the event of a diversion {roadworks or the like} , a stamp must be obtained at the furthest point. Routes can be circular and in any direction but eventually heading for YORK. *We have a route already, I planned controls and Chris turned this into GPX.

4. DISQUALIFICATION will result for the failure to have night time good lighting or the acceptance of help from anyone outside the team or from an undeclared support car. Teams who need this support must declare the number of the vehicle and the location(s) of contact.

5. PROCEDURE FOR ENTRY : forward to the organiser the proposed route. The captain will receive back a copy of the itinerary with possibly suggested modifications . Riders to complete the standard AUK entry forms. *Have not officially forwarded proposed route yet, not sure what the standard AUK entry form is

6. DEPARTURE: each rider is to write on the card places and times agreed with the organiser. Team may leave any time between Thursday PM and Saturday noon. *We leave Friday breakfast time

7.CONTROLS : A stamp, receipt or ATM print-out with time of passage must be obtained and the start time and place adhered to.

8. ON THE ROAD: no deviation from the chosen route except in an emergency. Riders must carry their own card. Passing time at the controls must be written besides the stamps obtained .

9.   22ND HOUR: of the ride; the team must obtain  a stamp etc and write on the card the nearest point reached, wherever it may be.

10.   A MINIMUM DISTANCE :  of 25 kms MUST separate the place traversed between the hours of 22 & 24.

11.   ARRIVAL. A stamp is to be obtained at the nearest place reached at or after the 24th hour.     This does not have to be YORK. Add the place , time & distance covered.

12.   VALIDATION;  will be awarded to a team of 3 riders [minimum} who complete an identical distance. Lone riders who comply with the regs may claim AUK but not ACP validation

13.    ENTRY FEE  of £10 per team is to be sent to the organiser [cheques payable to him please. *was actually £12 and have paid already

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