Monday, 3 February 2014

Week 5 First Ride......

........on my sweet new build

Monday was at last an executed opportunity to ride the mountain bike i built back in November.
After selling my single speed frame i set about building a geared mountain bike as although it was lots of fun, it was limiting in terms of the routes i could do.
So my new build was based around a Genesis Altitude, constructed from Reynolds 853 tubing. The geometry was again similar to my Orange Evo2 but a bit longer like the Genesis IOID but is designed for a 130mm fork where the others weren't although my Fox Talas 32's have 130mm.
That said, the opportunity was lunchtime blast on my old faithful route at the back of where i work.
Being the first time i have been out on a mountain bike in ages, despite riding my road bike a fair bit, it was a bit of a struggle. Fortunately the bike was an absolute flyer, it felt really quick and nimble, great rear wheel steering on the sloppy trails, the balance was perfect, the bike was certrainly willing even if the body was knackered.
It wasn't a fast lap but i did get up the offroad section of Beacon hill, always a good measure of fitness and skill of course ;-)
At the end of my blast, i came to 2 conclusions, the bike is nigh on perfect and my phone had crashed, losing my strava track. A bitter sweet ride.

Tuesday promised a good weather day and it didn't disappoint, lovely ride in the morning with a little aimless day dreaming, journey home was dampened a little by a spell of rain but not much. The clouds cleared quite soon after getting off the train revealing just enough daylight for me to chance going through Windsor great park (not allowed in there after dark) I got through uninhibited and after a "comfort" break i was back on track and splashing through muddy puddles carefree. The only down side was that due to temperatures being below 10 degrees i am using my cyclocross with my continental winter tyres on, which BTW, are still awesomely grippy, missing my single speed already but better to stay safe i reckon.

This was the sum total of my cycling this week

Other news....
Still excited about getting my entry into L'Eroica Britannia, so excited in fact that that i have entered the ballot for L'Eroica Italia. I feel it unlikely that i get it, i have entered on the assumption that i wont get in this year, my entry for next year may be considered more favorably. However if i do get in, some serious grovelling might be required on the home front as there is no way i would want to miss such an event.

Have been doing some tidying up on my blog deleting old links and refreshing the links to events i would like to have a go at and have set up planning pages for the Easter Arrow, this will be the furthest i have ridden (if i make it) so much capitulating must be done.

This week i took delivery of an 'ickle project bike frame, lovely design of frame in shocking condition for me to turn into something fabulous, darling.

Peter Kay's for this week 63.4
Total distance this year 684.7K

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