Monday, 27 January 2014

Result!!!! I'm in

Week 4

My initial plan to cycle in to work Monday morning was scuppered by a late night on Sunday which meant an even later start than usual but the drive through Windsor Great Park that morning was a treat, the sun was coming up, a beautiful frost and light mist in the air, now i was gutted i hadn't cycled to work.
On arriving at work and checking my emails i was greeted with a fantastic correspondence. My pre-registration code for entering Eroica Britainnia. This was a big relief, apologies to the organisers but the entering of this event has been an absolute farce, lots of disgruntled, confused and frustrated potential entrants have been venting for months. I was going to muck about and jumped on their server before it went wrong again...straight through went my payment and Ta ta.....I'm's real at last

With additional enthusiasm my head was full of bike building and riding, re-reading the literature for what delights would await at the L'Eroica festival, cycling to work on Tuesday was a given.
A rubbish nights sleep with some far out weird dreams and i was up and out the door at really early o'clock. My enthusiasm quickly waned as it felt like a real slog, i hadn't had any flapjacks for my usual get me going sugar hit, muesli was a poor substitute and it was slow going all the way to the train station. There wasn't even the reward of the stunning views across Windsor Great Park as it was middle of the night dark and the mist was thick fog, delivering poor visibility. Oh well at least i was out on my bike, this time i was on my fully eared bike as it has got my winter tyres on, knowing the temperature would be low i thought this wise. I got to work ok, having read a bit of my new book on the train "Moods of Future Joys - around the world by bike, part 1" somewhat envigoured by my sluggish trek in.

Having been held up at work due to a meeting i had to pedal hard to get to the train on time, didn't know what the time was so i had to keep pushing on, a tell tale that i was late was the absence of students on the approach to the station, definitely a plus as i hate having to weave my way through them, i kept the hammer down, got to the station road through the students on the platform, over the walkway bridge and onto my platform, i had made it, it was 30 seconds after the train should have left when i got there and the train approached.

The remainder of the journey home was good and i got home in good spirits.

This was all the cycling i managed this week, plans were made, but broken due to other commitments and the diabolical weather we are having.

Other plans were afoot for rides in the future and routes being plotted, logistics pondered, namely this was related to the Dorset Coast 200k and the York Arrow 400k, both in April........yes i am mad.

Total distance this week 52.3K
Total distance this year  621.3K

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