Monday, 7 January 2013

#(R.I.P.) Orange Sub 3

A dipping of one's toes in
the world of Full Suspension

Orange Sub3 2003
Bought as a frame and rear shock in absolutely immaculate condition November 2011 with Avid Juicy 7 rear brake off ebay
i had searched for one for a long time as it is essentially a full suspension version of my Evo2 so i thought i could make a good comparison to figure out if full sus was for me, mixed feelings....i built it up with new drive chain and cannibalised the Evo2 but kept that in good shape still, i nicknamed it "The Beast" as it did feel big and like there was nothing i couldn't do on it, I hadn't quite made my mind up about it when the Elite frame opportunity came along and to afford it "The Beast" had to go so i broke it down to sell (not sold it yet though) i would like to keep it, i loved the bounce and the super plush ride, it really improved my confidence over jumps and drop offs which helped on the hard tail but i think it was making me a little lazy cos when i got back on the hardtail i was all over the shop and i decided i would pigeon hole myself as more of a purist! and stick to hardtail which is why the Evo2 has become so minimalist and old school to see how far i could go removing modern tech before i stopped having fun or starting having problems, i haven't got to that point yet :-) so R.I.P. Sub 3
Was built as:
Fox RP3 Rear Shock
Fox Talas 32 Front Shocks (perfect match)
Raceface Deus XC chainset
Shimano SLX shifters and rear mech
Deore front mech
XT hubs and Mavic 717 rims
FSA Pig DH headset
WTB Rocket V saddle
Avid Juicy 7 Brakes
Orange updated oversized finishing kit
Continental Vertical Protection tyres

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