Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coast 2 Coast

Coast 2 Coast roughly from whitehaven to sunderland on and off road
Distance works out to be about 150 miles

This assuming a road route which deviates roughly accordinging the info on this link
which means about 20 miles of full on off road plus bridleways etc
this keeps the speed up and the entertainment high at nice intervals without it turning into an expedition

Halfway point is approx 76 miles in at a place called Garrigill, a tiny village by all accounts which has a pub and a couple of B&B's, this could be a suitable overnight stop point
this B&B has a 3 person room for £26 and they do pack lunches for £4+

Potential timeline

Friday evening 
travel from windsor to studley to Penrith
(100 miles windsor to Studley 2hrs)
(200 miles Studley to Penrith 3hrs)
Whats at Penrith?
Friends from church who might let us stay the night and leave a vehicle outside their house

Cycle to Penrith train station
Train leaves at 8:07am to arrive at Whitehaven 9:40am (cost is currently £14:50)
Faff about for a bit and touch wheels in sea at Whitehaven
Set off at 10:30am latest
Cycle for 12hrs on and off with food stops 
22:30 arrive in Garrigill (76 miles) earlier if possible
faff about a bit, pint in pub
23:00 bed

05:00 wakey wakey
faff about a bit
05:30 set off
Cycle for 12hrs on and off with food stops
17:30 arrive at Tynemouth Castle perhaps
Faff about for a bit and touch wheels in sea
cycle from Tynemouth to newcastle approx 10 miles
get on the metro which leaves at 17:25 and arrive at newcastle station at 17:57
last train from newcastle to Penrith is 18:10 which arrives at Penrith 20:21 (cost is currently £21:50)
enjoy a little bit of hospitality from church friends and a meal in the pub next door and go home in the morning 
quick shower if possible and get on the road to get back to studley by midnight

alternative options include:
driving to start on the saturday morning (like BearBones 200)
wild camping on saturday night (like we were going to on BearBones 200)
driving back to Studley on sunday night (like we did on BearBones 200)

I think 1/2 day off on Friday and 1/2 day off on Monday and take a bit longer
Costs are: 
£36 trains
£26 divided by 2 or 3 for accomodation
£50 approx divided by 2 or 3 for diesel 
£? food should be similar to 2 x 200K audax

£62 + food total approx cost per person assuming 3

Question is......Can 75 miles be done with some off road on a loaded mountain bike in 12 hrs each day?

Route information:
info here
I already have all the books required and can therefore get the tried and tested GPX files

Food required:

Equipment List:

i'm thinking June, good training ride for LEL even though no points awarded for RRtY

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