Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2012 roundup

2012 Summary

2012 was a sporadic year, on and off road, generally my mate Tim would ask me if i want to do a certain ride, i would then panic and get loads of miles in before it, i had a big winter, snowboarding which hampered some progress early in on the year, then the rain came of course.
later on in the year i had some thoughts on making my own bike, probably a 29er single speed getting caught up in the media hype on 29er's then i got audaxing a lot more and thought maybe i should build myself a more suitable road bike but one with disc brakes cos rim brakes suck in bad whether on the roads IMHO
additionally it occurred to me that i might have a good start to a Randonneur Around the Year badge, to do this it is necessary to complete a 200K audax every month for 12 consecutive months, so I'll have a go at that i thought, a good start to a big 2013.
Stupidly this then moved to thoughts of a once every 4 years event called "LondonEdinburghLondon" which is 1400K audax to be completed in approximately 120 hours, so I'm gonna have a go at that too
not sure where mountain biking is going to fit in yet

Total distance = 53.58K
Significant rides: 0

Total Distance = 512.84K
Significant rides:
Total Distance = 224.6K
Significant rides:
  • Forest of Dean mountain biking March 17th to 19th for Tim Tom Taylors stag do 90.8k

Total Distance = 9.96K
Significant rides: 0
Total Distance = 33.61K
Significant rides: 0

Total Distance = 13.1K
Significant rides: 0
Total Distance = 336.9K
Significant rides: 0

Total Distance = 575.77K
Significant rides:
Total Distance = 506.5K
 Significant rides:
Total Distance = 376.44K
Significant rides:
Total Distance = 568.14K
Significant rides:
Total Distance = 454.47K
Significant rides:

Total Distance for 2012 = 3665.91K or 2277.9miles