Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Weeks 23~26 Junes pedalling related activities

Week 23

3rd of June 43.84 km going home on randonneur
4th of June 43.7 km to work on randonneur
8th of June  301km rough diamond audax
A jolly good ride with Tim (his report can be found here) this was to be one of my fastest rides ever, a significant moment was looking at my odometer and realised we'd done the first 200k in 9 hours something. Tim who was a little weary from big miles earlier in the week had commented on how speedy I was which I had put down to him being slower but he wasn't I just felt like a whippet out the blocks, a great day out and my first 300 km completed in a very reasonable 15hrs ish
Total for the week 388.54 km

Week 24

Total for the week 0
Week 25
For a few years now I had wanted to be able to cycle to work every day but 28 miles each way is just too much, I have tried and the most I have done is 3 days a few times and once 4 days but it is really tiring. By chance I found a different train route which I hadn't previously been aware of which I thought might be manageable, this would entail a 10 mile ride between home and Ascot train station and 7 miles ride between Frimley train station and work, cost was favourable, working out cheaper than the car so I hatched a plan for a trial run.
20th of June 28 km trial run on train home on evo
Not knowing the terrain exactly I opted for taking my mountain bike, I needn't have as I didn't need to go off road, the route was pleasant and took about 25 minutes with me riding almost as quick as I could to the train station from work. Train journey took 20 minutes then it was off at Ascot for the stint home. This for future rides would be pretty straight forward, however I had chosen Royal Ascot week to do my trial run. Arriving at the station I could see a sea of people, the chaps in top hat and tails, the ladies in the posh frocks, disappointingly the ladies in particular more than a little inebriated seemed more intent on pushing their way onto the train than letting me off, grubby mountain biker with his bike verses drunk tart in her Sunday best....I won, fortunately their chaperoning better halves were more polite and saw more sense and let me off without an incident. The ride home was really pleasant with lots of horse and carts out and so many people wafting about in their finery. I plodded along and arrived home after about 40 minutes
The journey had been a success, now to try it in reverse.
21st of June 27.5 km trial run to work on train on randonneur
now I knew the route could be done on my road bike I went for the speedier option and went into work on the randonneur, this was with a reading book and my clothes for the day to replicate what I would need to carry doing a round trip.
I loved it
the scene was now set, at every opportunity cycling/train was to be my primary means of getting to work.
Total for the week 55.5 km

Week 26


Total for the week 0 km

Total for the Month: 444.04 km

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