Monday, 16 September 2013

Week 17 The pressure is off

I had found the need to ride stressing me out that i wasn't enjoying riding and the thought of riding which is one of the contributory factors to bailing out of LEL, but the now that the pressure is off, my desire to ride is back again.

With the weather forcast looking good for monday i sorted all my stuff out for a commute home. It was a cracking ride, i absolutely flew home and i smashed my faster ever previous time, considering i am not as fit as i have been, i was quite impressed.

An equally fast commute into work but possible my most dangerous, 2 near misses, the first being a carefree van driver, chatting to his mate cut a corner entering a roundabout and closed me out, i saw it coming so no real drama but a good reminder to get up earlier and to keep my witts about me. The second was less than a mile later, a bloke waiting to cross the road seemed to only see cars as a guide to whether to cross or not, despite my bright orange jacket and bike he just stepped out, i locked up the tyres, accidentely a few impolite words jumped out of my mouth and the bloke barely even noticed the whole incident, proving my accidental words to actually be justified....perhaps.

One goal i have kept hold of is to continue with RRtY (Randonneur Round the Year) with the end of month luming i booked a day off to cycle with my buddy Tim.
He had a "Perm" event already lined up to do called "Cotswold and Thames 200K", in advance i contacted the organiser and followed suit.

A full report of the ride from my buddies perspective can be found here

its so long since i did i can't remember the details myself but it was a lovely ride.

Total distance achieved: 296K

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