Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Weeks 18~22 Catchup again, a précis of May

week 18

No Riding this week but lots of tinkering.

Firstly it was time to say good buy to my Orange Elite.
I packed it up properly having acquired a bike box from my local bike shop. Quite stressful when you pack up something like this to ship off when someone has spent a significant amount of money on it. The postage cost me loads in the end as I decided to add insurance on at my cost but at least it was going.

Next up was Scotty.
Scotty sold for quite a bit more than I expected, too much I would say, having been in constant communication with the chap who won it in the end I decided to make it the absolute best I could prior to sending it, the winner was happy to wait a couple of days extra so I set about rebuilding the rear mech which had got a bit stiff, replaced the tyres and tubes, new brake blocks and some new cables and went through the whole thing cleaning and lubing and ensuring everything was absolutely spot on, all told I probably spent a couple of evenings and about £80 on improvements which a lot of people wouldn't have done but my conscience was eased so I was happy.

Total distance achieved 0 km

week 19

Still no riding
Having got rid of the Elite I had to rebuild my Evo2 to put the drivetrain back to being fully geared and with suspension forks and a few other bits.
Like most people who consider upgrades and um and er over the cost breaks of SLX to XT and so on I can honestly say XT is worth it. My Elite had brand new SLX drivetrain on it, the same model which had won loads of reviews, it felt alright and never gave me any trouble, however when it came tot rebuilding the Evo I dug out all the old XT drivetrain which I had meant to put on ebay, still covered in mud, bolted it on and it indexed way better than the new SLX kit I had said fairwell too. never again shall I ponder the merits of spending the extra loo laa.
Built up with the Fox Talas forks which I had also meant to put on ebay and my Juicy 7 brakes of my Sub3 and it was ready to rock and roll again.
Sad as it is I know, it felt so right to be building it back up like building an old hotrod to put up against modern Italian supercars.
I was quite satisfied that I had made the right decision.

Total distance achieved 0 km

week 20

As they say "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"

13th of may 10.52 km on evo after rebuild
Quick lunchtime blast on the Evo was brilliant, proving yet again that no matter what configuration of parts I hang off this frame it just feels right

15th of may 21.12 km on evo at swinley forest
Swinley Forest blast around the red and blue runs with the chaps at work, all on their full suspension mortgaged mountain bikes, well I was keeping up and faster in many areas and never slower, proof yet again that you don't need all that tech to go fast and have fun.

Total distance achieved 31.64 km

week 21

Back in the habit

bit of mountain biking bit of road riding, just enjoying turning the pedals

20th of may 10.32 km on evo
21st of may 44 km on randonneur going home
22nd of may 44km on randonneur going to work
23rd of may 21.20 km on evo at swinley, chain snapped

Total distance achieved  119.52 km

week 22

Just a commute this week

29th of may 48k cross country route home on evo
30th of may 43.8 km to work on randonneur

Total distance achieved 91.8 km

Total for the month 242.96 km

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