Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 12 "Nil Points"

Well if last week wasn't cold enough, this week surely was.

I started the week planning on  couple of early week commutes and to then save myself for "The Dean" 300k audax

Plan to commute quickly went to pot and never happened, but that's OK cos I'll get my mileage up doing "The Dean"
I was quite apprehensive about this audax as it was to be my first 300K, the furthest i have cycled in one day prior to this was 257K which was supposed to have been 200K.
The Dean is also reputed to be a particularly tough ride due to the climbing of over 4000m earning it 4AAA hilly points.
As the week progressed murmurs were heard from various people about the forthcoming weather, by Wednesday i was glued to the weather channels, i had 3 different apps installed on my phone and i was constantly checking Metcheck, BBC weather and the MetOffice websites.
I constantly teased my cycling buddy Tim about the weather hoping he would bail, but secretly knowing he was too stubborn for that.
An ebay purchase of a potential road bike for my lad had me travelling to middle England on Thursday, it snowed all the way home, this gave me further material for teasing as it was after popping in to see Tim that the snow started.

Alas as we got closer to the weekend it looked certain to be heavy snow particularly over the whole area of the proposed bike ride, starting in Oxford and going towards Gloucester and back, we would be right in the middle of it.
The call was made after some chatter seen on the world wide web chat forums, people were dropping out in their droves, so we jumped on the band wagon and bailed too.

I thought of lots of alternative rides to do instead but did diddly squat instead....a week off as it turned out.

Target for the week: 100k
Total distance achieved: 0k

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