Saturday, 19 January 2013

Week 2 2013......a bit poorly

Did not start well........

having completed the 200K audax on the Saturday of the previous week i then started to feel the onset of a cold :-(
For many years i have rarely had any colds but this would be my second in as many months.
starting to feel rougher and rougher at work on Monday I decided to leave a little early, having completed a few urgent tasks.
Ordinarily i would aim to cycle home from work on Monday and then back in on Tuesday giving me a good start to my weekly training miles, as you might expect i kicked that idea to touch and spent Tuesday at home, off sick.
The good news though was that this seemed the littlest of colds and i felt pretty good for the latter part of Tuesday so went to work Wednesday.
This did not leave much time for training and i wondered if it might set me back and give my cold a second wind.
I ignored this thought and road home from work Thursday and back in Friday, it was pretty tough going and both journeys felt a long way, my cold obviously hadn't totally gone, even my phone struggled, recorded an excessive distance on the Thursday and crashed on Friday, but the miles were in the bag, job done, had to use previous gps data for record keeping.
No further excursions for this week but i did make another purchase......this time is the TREK clock's more sophisticated brother the "TREK time computer" it's basic, only showing either the time, speed or toal distance, perfect for audax and shall be reserved fot my new audax machine. eBay again, this time £10 instead of £25, bargain i reckon, and you can't buy these easily anymore either.

Target for the week 80K
Total distance achieved 89.2K

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