Monday, 7 April 2014

Week 13 Ultimo giro per Pompetamine

Last ride for Pompetamine

Due to work commitments again, commuting by cycle wasn't really an option this week, however as everyone knows the weekend starts on Friday
soon as i got home I donned my cycle gear and headed out on my single spped.
Chosen route was what i am calling my "Stolen Morf" route which is a poor anagram of "Mostly Flat Off Road" but i kept remembering it in a different order so "Morf" it is.
I stole it off and have ridden it before in torrential rain on my mountain bike but thought at the time that it would be a good single speed cyclocross route.
The sun was shining as i set off and the temperature mild to warm, got into a rhythm and started eating up the miles, my target was less than 2hr's 15mins as that was how long i told No.1 Son when i would be back for food and a film, previously it had taken just under 2hr's 40 on my mountain bike in bad weather but i cut the route short a little.
As i pedaled towards Twyford (i think) the sun was setting beautifully ahead of me, drawing me towards it, encouraging me to pedal harder, it felt like an old fashioned summer day, no sound of cars as rode on an old bridleway through fields, the only thing missing was traditional lemonade and "Little House on the Prairie"
The bumps at times were jarring on my skinny wagon wheels with no suspension, thanks in part to the dry ground with the embedded remains of horse hoof prints. The speed was intoxicating though, faster and faster i pedaled through some of the more technical sections, feeling free and solitary the weeks stresses evaporated.

The fire roads turned to woodland, some but little mud remained from the past flooding, a stark contrast to my last adventure on this route.
Quite stop for an over exposed picture of my Pompetamine as i knew this could be it's swan song.
I continued to tap out a swift rhythm and my time went quick, as i neared home the need for lights arose. I arrived at home in dimpsy light and a little muddy, after 2hrs 14 minutes and 29 seconds, in time for some quality time with my Lad.

Saturday morning started slowly and with some apprehension, i had completed the rebuild on my DIY bike in the week, everything fitting together as it should and set up with ease all be it with some pre-assembly cleaning. My initial intention to ride my 4 bridges route had faded, instead i went for a short, half commute loop to test ride my rebuilt DIY bike. I have been enjoying my single speed so much i was uneasy about getting back on my DIY bike, having invested so much time and money into it and with the trials and tribulations it has thrown at me i wanted it to be the best ever all over again.
Still on its winter tyres which are as safe as they are slow, i limited my expectations. taking the cross country route to disguise the sluggishness of the continentals i was delighted to find that it felt right, the seat needed adjusting but still, it was all gravy.
Ultegra gear changes snappy, solid and quick, Avid BB7 SL brakes responsive and effortless, EC70 bars comfy and vibe free, yes this was the bike i remember and with it's new bare tubes and joints i think i like it a little better than before, possibly with the shine knocked of it a little it felt freeer, not so precious, the gravel paths of no concern, scratches! Pah! the paints missing, how scratched can it get.
I returned home smiling.

Early rise on Sunday, mothering Sunday of course intially was hoped to be a visit to Spin London bike show but i went with the safer option of rallying the sprogs to show their mum some love, didn't go totally according to plan but that's another story,with time available before church me and my baby girl opted for cycling to church. Eve has ridden her bike for a long time but she always seems capable so i wasn't worried about the distance at approx 5 miles each way. I can normally pedal to church in 15 to 20 minutes so i allowed about 45, so i thought but with a bit of faffing we were finally on our way with about 35 minutes to spare.
Eve gave it her best shot, pedalling relentlessly and happily on her 3 ton single speed BMX thing complete with pearlescent pink paint scheme. We proceeded at her leisurely pace with no pressure applied. It was a beautiful morning and we cycled carefree chatting away for 1hr 5 minutes...ooops...pretty late for church, Eve didn't have her bible either, not a good start.
As a Mum's day treat we were planning on cooking a roast dinner, wifes favourite, this meant a fast departure, in hind sight i should have returned solo with Eve coming home in the car but we didn't do that, instead we pootled home, took a detour which i thought might be the same or quicker along the Thames, alas we added a couple of miles and Eve ran out of puff. She'd done very well but we ended up late at home with mummy having to peel the potatoes...oops along with a disgruntled son.
It would also transpire that my rear tyres air would escape at which point I know not but escape it did, given that we were walking the last couple of miles it didn't matter.
This was to be the last ride for my Pompetamine, i shall remember it with fond memories of the many places it has taken me and the adventures enjoyed.

Total distance for the week: 78.8K
Total distance so far this year: 1115.8K

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